Unicorn Bath Bomb for Girls with Necklace & Earrings gift, cutest Unicorn with hearts on cheeks, Gift Idea, Back to School, Necklace & Earrings, Stainless Steel enamel (White)

UNICORN Bath Bomb For Girls With Unicorn Necklace and Earrings Gift in Clear Cube. The Unicorn Necklace and Earrings are inside the cube, not in the bath bomb as they are wrapped separately. Tucked inside the cube with LARGE 5 oz bath bomb For Girls

Gift includes 1 Large bath bomb 5 oz, USA Made, in Clear Cube, Perfect for Spa Bath, Handmade Birthday Gift, Gift idea for Girls who love Unicorns. Scents girls love including Unicorn Dreams, 1000 Kisses, Strawberry Shortcake, Cotton Candy and more. Free UNICORN soap inside cube.

Unicorn Gift Set with Unicorn Necklace & Earrings Gift Set
High Quality gold tone chain, 19 inches, stainless steel with enamel
Unicorn pendant and earrings, stainless steel, white, rainbow
Bath Bomb fizzy, natural, handmade in the USA, moisturizing, in scents girls will love and will not stain the tub
Great gift idea, back to school, spa parties, birthday, Girls who love Unicorns

MADE WITH NATURAL AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - Our bath bombs are safe for kids, include natural ingredients, and will leave their skin feeling hydrated and moisturized. All ingredients are KID SAFE, Some toys "surprises" not intended for Children under 3.

99-100% NATURAL BATH BOMBS THAT WON'T STAIN YOUR TUB, FUN for any age, Money Back Guarantee


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