BOGO 3 Bath Bomb Fizzies in an variety of scents, 5 oz each, BUY one set and get 1 set FREE. (6 bath bombs total)  Please drop us a note with your order with your scent choice.  (FREE BAG can be a different scent)  FREE SHIPPING. 

Each bath bomb is about 5 oz, round, tennis ball size.  We handmade these bath bomb fizzies using our moisturizing blend of oils and butters that leave your skin hydrated and smooth.  Each fragrance is created with a different color. Recommended use:  1 per bath.  Draw your bath and drop in and watch them fizz as you relax and soak in your own home spa.  A great way to pamper yourself while you moisturize your skin.

Fragrance List - M through Z

Mango Tangerine - (Home Interior Mango Cooler Type) This fragrance is described as a tropical blend of mango mixed with zesty clementines and red raspberries blended with sweet vanilla. This fragrance was tested in the VIP Customer Testing Program, and received extremely good reviews across the board.

Midnight Romance - This romantic fragrance oil has an accord that begins with fresh Kaffir lime extract and spicy bergamot, which draws attention to this fragrance! The floral musk notes on the bottom make this scent very sensual!

Pearberry - (Bath & Body Type) This fragrance is a blending of juicy green pears, crisp red apples, fuzzy peaches and a touch of ripe melon.

Pink Berry & Tonka Bean - A luscious blending of pink berries, bergamot, pikake, musk, sugar cane, and tonka beans - this enticing blend is straight up girly. All flowers and sugar and everything sweet, but without going over the top.

Pumpkin Creme Brulee - This scent is so yummy, we can't seem to get enough sniffs & whiffs from the bottle! You'll find notes of creamy pumpkin puree, ground cinnamon, cardamom, Vermont maple, rum, french vanilla and caramelized sugar. Oh so delicious! Plan on this one flying off the shelf during pumpkin season.

Rice Petals & Shea - This soul-soothing fragrance oil has top notes of ozony sea water, crushed ginger root, and anise leaves. Middle notes of coconut milk and rice flower; and sits on base notes of amber, musk, and sandalwood.

Sunkissed Currants - The sweet tart currants kissed by the summer sun is the first note you notice. Then you realize it's much more than that, there is a blend of berries, with lightly tart notes of fine Cognac in the background that pops it out amazingly. This tantalizing blend only smells so good you'll think you're in heaven.

Twilight Woods - (Bath & Body Type) Twilight Woods Fragrance Oil A juicy berry base blended with notes of Mimosa, apricot , sandalwood and musk.

Viva La Juicy - (Juicy Couture Type) A tantalizing mix of wild berry and mandarin wrapped in the floralcy of summer gardenia, pink jasmine and bright honeysuckle enhanced by vanilla praline, soft woods and amber.

Bath bombs make great favors for bridal showers, baby showers, promotional gifts, etc.

Benefits of each of the Oils we use in our custom blend:

Avocado Oil (rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, D, and E, highly recommended for sensitive skin types and problematic skin);

Grape seed Oil (high absorptive rate and wonderful for those with sensitive skin);

Shea Butter (First choice for natural skin care and leading natural product for moisturizing).

Sweet Almond Oil (Great for all skin types, best known for it's ability to soften, soothe and recondition skin, absorbs well, moisturizing)

Safflower Oil with Vitamin E. Vitamin E (Antioxidant, anti-aging and helps skin look younger reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles)

Organic Olive Oil (Similar in consistency to Shea butter and Jojoba Oil)

Mango Butter (Natural emollient properties and regenerative, used to soften skin, soothe and moisturize. Dermatologists recommend mango butter for treatment of wrinkles and most people who use it will notice decreased signs of aging and disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles within 4-6 weeks of daily use. Reasons to use Mango Butter, effectively treats dry skin, heals skin rash, heals skin peeling after tanning, clears blemishes and wrinkles, relieves itching skin, heals sunburn, prevents stretch marks during pregnancy, relieves insect bites, promotes healthy rejuvenated skin, heals muscle fatigue aches and tension, relieves skin allergies such as poison ivy, treats eczema and dermatitis, fights off fine lines and wrinkles.

Bathing with bath bombs is far better than lotion. The body oils will lock in the skin's all-natural moisture, are 100% pure and natural ingredients, many oils are Kosher too. We use a mixture of these oils to nourish and moisturize your skin.

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