Wholesale CASE PACK 18 (Wholesale $75/Retail $140)

Essential Oil Shower Steamers XL 2.25 oz each, each packaged shelf ready with mesh shower steamer bag and glossy laminate box. The mesh bag can be hung from faucet to extend the life of your shower steamer. Each XL shower steamer should last 2 or 3 showers.

Spa Pure Shower Bombs: Rejuvenating Steamers and Aromatherapy Fragrances That Lets You Experience Magical Showers Like Never Before You will always fall in love with a pampering, rejuvenating, and calming warm bath that replenishes your skin and heightens your sensations. You will always go for 100 percent natural, organic, clinically-tested ingredients and essential oils in your shower steamers and other exotic aromatherapy fragrances.

Please request our complete list of essential oil blends available or request your own blend. Private label available.